2022 NFL schedule release: Patriots prime-time overkill, bumpy start for Cowboys and easy ride for Trey Lance

The schedule has been revealed. Are you not entertained? Can you not feel the power? Will you feel a little hollow these next 11 months until schedule-release month arrives again?

Sure, this is all a little silly, but it does give us a bit more fodder to consider as we size up a 2022 season that is still nearly a third of a year away. Undoubtedly, there are coaches and general managers out there who believe they got screwed, and any number of their rivals receiving an easier journey than what they will have to undertake. That’s baked into the cake at this point.

There are a few things that caught my attention upon beginning to really size up the schedule. I’m focused on teams that I believe have a chance to compete at least for a wild card spot, because otherwise they have much bigger issues to address than their schedule, and this would just be a waste of space. Perhaps the Jaguars got totally hosed and had ridiculous road trips thrust upon them and play successive teams coming off a bye four weeks in a row.

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