Google Is Making a Very Good Case for Not Giving Up on Google Maps

And at some level, they’re not wrong, as Google Maps continues to be one of the most advanced navigation solutions currently on the market.

But on the other hand, Google Maps has evolved to become a complex platform whose capabilities are expanding well beyond the navigation component. It’s a service that comes bundled with features that help people connect, explore new places, travel safer, and get information on businesses in a matter of seconds.

It’s not a secret, however, that Google rivals have been investing in Google Maps alternatives for quite some time. And in the last few years, the work on this front has gained more pace, so right now, finding a piece of software whose role is to replace Google Maps shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Google, however, hasn’t been sitting and watching others have fun. The search giant has been working on all kinds of new capabilities, such as the eco-friendly routes, that prepared Google Maps for the modern world.

And this week at I/O, Google has made a very good case for not giving up on Google Maps.

The company announced the so-called immersive view, which is pretty much the “most” next-generation way of exploring a certain place, all combining assets that Google Maps already comes with.

Immersive view is a combination of satellite imagery and Street View photos, so it’s supposed to allow you to explore a certain place just like you’d be there. You can essentially look over a location thanks to high-resolution satellite images and then, when you want to see more details, switch to the street level where Street View content is loaded.

The two parts are seamlessly combined, so the experience overall feels extremely futuristic.

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