NASA Didn’t Spot a Secret Doorway on Mars

You know what I would love? Definitive proof of alien life on Mars. Give me tentacle monsters. Give me a civilization of aliens living in underground bunkers. Make my sci-fi fantasies come true. A recent NASA Curiosity rover image of an oddball rock formation on the red planet has led to some fun speculation, but it’s not proof of alien activity. Drat.

Goofy Mars rocks are the spice of life for me, and this one is a delight. I came across it Tuesday in a since-removed Reddit discussion asking what might have caused a doorway-like cutout on the side of a Mars hill. The view comes from a series of raw images captured by Curiosity’s mast-mounted camera on May 7.

UFO debunker UFO of Interest tackled the image of what looks like “an entrance to a secret underground tunnel” by sharing a broader look at the landscape. “Watching it in context as part of the whole mosaic, we can see that little niche in a rock with other blocks, fractures, shapes and other erosive features all over that rock face,” UFO of Interest tweeted on Wednesday.

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