Over 100 monkeypox cases in Europe, WHO calls for emergency meet: Report

The World Health Organization has called for an emergency meeting to discuss the rapidly growing monkeypox outbreak, British publication Telegraph said Friday hours after France, Germany and Belgium confirmed their first cases. They join the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Canada, Australia and the United States in reporting a disease endemic to parts of Africa. Monkeypox cases in Europe have now crossed 100, Reuters said. Data collected by an Oxford University academic says that number is closer to 130.

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> The French monkeypox patient is from the country’s Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris. He had not, however, recently returned from a country where the virus is circulating, France’s health authorities said Friday.

> In Belgium, Flemish broadcaster VRTNWS said both patients were at the same party in an undisclosed location. The first person was diagnosed in Antwerp (not the place of residence) but is not seriously ill; the individual and their partner have been isolated. The second case is a man from the Flemish Brabant region. He too is not seriously ill, AFP said citing Belgian media reports.

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> The first case from Germany was confirmed by the Institute for Microbiology of the German Armed Forces in Munich. German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said: “We will now analyse the virus more closely and examine whether it involves a more contagious variant.”

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> Spanish authorities reported 14 confirmed cases on Friday, taking the total number to 21. There are another 20 suspected cases – 19 in the central region of Madrid and one in the Canary Islands, Reuters quoted health authorities.

> The US’ Centers for Disease Control is tracking six more possible monkeypox cases. All were in close contact with a fellow traveller – on a flight from Nigeria to the United Kingdom earlier this month – who has shown symptoms.

> The US this week reported its first case in 2022 – a Massachusetts man who recently travelled to Canada in April and returned this month. Last year, Texas and Maryland each reported a case in people who had travelled to Nigeria.

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> Portugal has 23 cases so far, with at least 10 others tracked. A spokesperson for the country’s public health group on monkeypox told Reuters “the health authority… is worried” and stressed the need to break transmission chains.

> The UK Health Security Agency said Friday it had detected 11 new infections taking the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 20. The UKHSA has warned gay and bisexual men, after the World Health Organization this week said: “We are seeing transmission among men having sex with men.”

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