Why the Pixel Tablet is my favorite Google I/O announcement

Google introduced a lot of new Pixel tech during the I/O 2022 keynote, but for me, one product stood above the rest. The Pixel Tablet got about three seconds of screen time and isn’t even going to be available until 2023 (if we’re lucky). Despite that, I found the idea of Google adding another piece of hardware to its already-growing lineup of products just incredibly exciting.

You could easily argue that despite the “Pixel” branding, this upcoming tablet is just one Android tablet among many, one people will stick in a drawer when the novelty fades. And to be honest, it’s a valid argument. Even my ultra-powerful Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra doesn’t get much use, aside from the occasional times I want to use it as an extra monitor for my desktop PC.

So why is Google’s tablet going to be any different? The ecosystem. On our next Android Central podcast coming out this weekend, we’ll talk all about the recent announcements from Mountain View. And as I continue to watch the various developer-focused sessions at I/O 2022 and have time to organize my thoughts, it’s obvious that Google is taking Android tablets more seriously.

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